Fort Gilmer Grind at Central HS 2021

Phenix City, AL
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Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 73 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Burgess, Alexander Opelika High School
McCullough, Mason Opelika High School
Sanders, Daylan Opelika High School
Gruber, Trent Smiths Station
Capps, Sawyer Beauregard High School
Stallings, Brooks Calvary Christian School
Sexton, Zane Opelika High School
Hua, Kaden Opelika High School
Owens, Benjamin Opelika High School
Watson, Justin Opelika High School
Waller, Griffin Beauregard High School
Payne, Dylan Pike Road School
Seymore, Patrick Opelika High School
Bell, Ben Opelika High School
McGinnis, Andrew 15:20.99 Calvary Christian School
Dorrill, Sean 15:59.24 Central - Phenix City
Brewer, Chas 16:45.17 Opelika High School
Hartshorn, Owen 17:31.23 Columbus High School
Scarborough, Andrew 17:39.99 Central - Phenix City
Mackey, Christopher 17:57.50 Pike Road School
Harlow, Clayton 18:15.77 Central - Phenix City
Smith, Ryan 18:19.80 Central - Phenix City
Len, Joshua 18:28.65 Beauregard High School
Morris, Tyson 18:31.01 Columbus High School
McGinnis, Luke 18:44.10 Calvary Christian School
Hart, Michael 18:44.63 Opelika High School
Adams, Ryan 18:57.71 Beauregard High School
Jackson, Oscar 19:08.18 Columbus High School
Ragan, Lawson 19:14.84 Columbus High School
Mullins, Connor 19:16.44 Opelika High School
Sawicki, Liam 19:28.98 Pike Road School
Sullivan, Grey 19:33.29 Columbus High School
Weston, Peyton 19:38.23 Opelika High School
Carney, Hugh 19:38.51 Columbus High School
Chestnutt, Malachi 19:41.61 Calvary Christian School
Valldeparas, Logan 19:42.20 Calvary Christian School
McCullough, Mitch 19:43.78 Opelika High School
Johnson, Saul 19:43.88 Calvary Christian School
Rogers, Johnathan 19:52.33 Smiths Station
Romo, Jacob 19:53.47 Calvary Christian School
Woodill, George 19:56.02 Calvary Christian School
Weeks, Zane 19:56.24 Florala
Shaw, Zalen 19:57.54 Opelika High School
Kemp, Sam 20:08.62 Opelika High School
Vinson, Joseph 20:15.82 Pike Road School
Dennis, Zach 20:18.31 Columbus High School
Macrory, Preston 20:25.74 Pike Road School
Van Glider, Tate 20:30.00 Pike Road School
White, Trey 20:30.45 Opelika High School
DeBoer, Ben 20:30.95 Pike Road School
Boyer, Dillan 20:53.30 Central - Phenix City
Kendall, Jacob 21:25.09 Pike Road School
McBride, Michael 22:14.78 Calvary Christian School
Melton, Jamisen 22:15.02 Central - Phenix City
McNeil, Luc 22:21.30 Pike Road School
Rabren, Dylan 22:28.15 Central - Phenix City
Neuenschwander, Sterling 22:29.71 Pike Road School
Melton, William 22:38.11 Pike Road School
Bynum, Amari 22:44.10 Opelika High School
Valdez, Alex 22:55.43 Beauregard High School
Keepfer, Walt 23:14.72 Calvary Christian School
Trew, Jack 23:42.60 Pike Road School
Maxey, Will 23:47.60 Calvary Christian School
Wilson, Parker 24:27.23 Calvary Christian School
Shand, Dawson 25:27.20 Calvary Christian School
Gaston, James 25:38.13 Pike Road School
Quiroz, Elionay 26:36.78 Pike Road School
Jackson, Dalton 26:56.19 Florala
Lipham, Will 27:13.39 Calvary Christian School
Odom, Cody 29:17.51 Florala
Hood, Eli 29:42.27 Calvary Christian School
Norman, Bradley 31:14.79 Florala
Gaston, Noah 32:02.20 Pike Road School
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Boys JH 3K 48 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Knopf, Carter Pike Road School
Herron, Zavier Smiths Station Junior High
Butler, Jerry Florala
Watson, Cooper Florala
Charles, Ty Calvary Christian School
Hamilton, Jackson Pike Road School
Brooks, Bradley Calvary Christian School
Melton, Joshua Pike Road School
Lewis, Knox Calvary Christian School
Moreno, Andres Pike Road School
Kerwin, Owen Florala
Allmond, Noah Calvary Christian School
Farley, Gavin Pike Road School
Blain, Bence Smiths Station Junior High
West, Greyson Florala
Goetzinger, Logan Calvary Christian School
Goetzinger, Luca Calvary Christian School
Johnson, Jack Pike Road School
Smith, Rylee Smiths Station Junior High
Odom, Dalton Florala
Fowler, Carson Calvary Christian School
Deboer, Jonathan Pike Road School
Trew, James Pike Road School
Ketcham, Aubrey Calvary Christian School
Brooks, Gabe Pike Road School
Baines, Myles Pike Road School
Barnhill, Austin Florala
Anderson, Brady Calvary Christian School
DeBoer, Joshua Pike Road School
Miller, Tristan Smiths Station Junior High
Sullivan, Trenton Florala
Adams, Zack 11:32.80 Calvary Christian School
Lewis, John 11:39.85 Calvary Christian School
Kaltreider, Payton 11:47.84 Smiths Station Junior High
Puraty, Seth 11:52.82 Smiths Station Junior High
Owens, Luke 12:12.78 Smiths Station Junior High
Underwood, Owen 12:15.91 Smiths Station Junior High
Lamar, Landon 12:22.45 Calvary Christian School
Johnson, Silas 12:40.58 Calvary Christian School
Morgan, Parker 12:46.54 Calvary Christian School
Zeh, Trace 12:57.94 Smiths Station Junior High
Patten, Nolan 13:07.43 Smiths Station Junior High
Tull, Daniel 13:22.22 Calvary Christian School
Harrison, Brandon 13:53.07 Smiths Station Junior High
Stone, Fitz 14:24.41 Calvary Christian School
Tull, Jacob 14:45.32 Calvary Christian School
Peters, Cameron 14:58.59 Smiths Station Junior High
Holder, Brett 19:22.21 Calvary Christian School
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 56 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cruz, Frida Opelika High School
Pugh, Shirley Opelika High School
Waldrop, Maddline Opelika High School
Heard, Haley Columbus High School
Thomas, Taylar Opelika High School
Cooper, Mary Evans Opelika High School
Stowes, Ainslie Beauregard High School
Conway, Anna Marie Beauregard High School
Kendrick, Ellie Opelika High School
Phillips, Gracie Pike Road School
Tipton, Sydney Columbus High School
Lewis, Pryce Calvary Christian School
Young, Jayla Beauregard High School
Brooks, Kiley Opelika High School
Burkes, Adley 18:55.82 Central - Phenix City
Conway, Molly 19:03.70 Beauregard High School
Gould, Breckin 19:08.47 Opelika High School
Garner, Abigail 19:15.65 Central - Phenix City
Wilson, Haley 19:46.60 Central - Phenix City
Torres, Paola 20:57.27 Opelika High School
Wiggins, Catherine 21:20.54 Beauregard High School
Takagi, Sara 22:07.62 Columbus High School
Bice, Margaret 22:13.40 Opelika High School
Helmer, Marley 22:13.77 Pike Road School
Valentine, Naomi 22:24.14 Pike Road School
Smith T, Joanne 23:03.24 Opelika High School
Griffeth, Noah 23:08.01 Calvary Christian School
Norton, Anna 23:12.83 Calvary Christian School
Petallar, Anna Marie 23:20.71 Columbus High School
Alcorn, Violett 23:24.43 Opelika High School
Lawson, Brianna 23:29.45 Central - Phenix City
Gaston, Susan 23:29.70 Opelika High School
Kirk, Rolley Len 23:56.52 Beauregard High School
Stephens, Rebekah 24:07.49 Calvary Christian School
Beard, Jul'ecia 24:14.20 Opelika High School
Young, Charlotte 24:17.50 Columbus High School
Martinez, Tatiana 24:17.72 Beauregard High School
Meacham, Coco 24:40.56 Central - Phenix City
Berg, Emma 24:48.57 Central - Phenix City
Jordan, Jasmine 25:04.10 Opelika High School
Moates, Carlie 25:16.03 Opelika High School
Owen, Addison 25:16.20 Calvary Christian School
Focht, Gabby 25:31.35 Beauregard High School
Koh, Meghan 25:37.50 Columbus High School
Brown, Kaitlyn 25:49.21 Opelika High School
McCoy, Alexa 26:07.89 Calvary Christian School
Melton, Jordan 26:23.82 Central - Phenix City
Vinson, Lily Kate 26:24.46 Pike Road School
McGinnis, Katie 27:00.53 Pike Road School
Baker, Amaya 27:22.77 Pike Road School
Bland, Erica 27:39.64 Pike Road School
Lucas, Rebekah 28:15.88 Pike Road School
Upshaw, Lauren 28:43.99 Columbus High School
Lynch, Brittney 31:41.20 Pike Road School
Hamilton, Dominique 33:39.65 Calvary Christian School
Bunting, Lizzie 48:28.63 Calvary Christian School
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Girls JH 3K 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Dean, Zaria Pike Road School
Shin, Jenna Pike Road School
Yeo, Naye Pike Road School
Presley, Addisin Smiths Station Junior High
Scarborough, Mary Piper Calvary Christian School
Silva, Corina Calvary Christian School
Baryza, Brennan Pike Road School
Hudson, Caitlyn Florala
Mallory, Ava Pike Road School
Johnson, Chloe Smiths Station Junior High
Graydon, Reese Pike Road School
Brooks, Lucy Calvary Christian School
Lewis, Shanti Calvary Christian School
Wade, Alexus 14:23.23 Smiths Station Junior High
Herring, Emmaleigh 14:54.55 Smiths Station Junior High
Wilson, Savannah 15:00.50 Smiths Station Junior High
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