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Bus Parking: Along 4th Avenue, which is the west side of campus as well as the small parking lot adjacent to the discus throw area. 

Top 3 Medals for each event (boys and girls).

No Team Trophies awarded. 

Restrictions: There is no seating restrictions for track and field events at Cullman High's Oliver Woodard Stadium. Teams may use the home or visitor side to put up a tent or along the path or grass hill on the South end (Scoreboard end)of the stadium. 

Registration help:

North Alabama Junior High Circuit

Unlimited Entries Per Event & 2 Relay Entries Allowed

$5 per athlete

$5 per relay

$50 per team. $100 max per school.

Junior High (7-9th Grade)

Order of Events

Track Events

4:00 PM - Rolling Schedule





100/110 Hurdles




Field Events

4:00 PM

Boy's Pole Vault (then Girls)

Boy's Discus (then Girls)

Girl's Shot Put (then Boys)

North End (by HJ)

1. Girls Long Jump / 2. Boys High Jump / 3. Girls High Jump

South End (by PV)

1. Boys Long Jump / 2. Girls Triple Jump / 3. Boys Triple Jump