2019 Lee-Scott Academy Red and Blue Cross Country Invitational 2019

Opelika, AL
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Athlete Entries

Elementary Boys 23 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Moore, Robert Eastwood Christian School
Chapman, Cody East Memorial Christian Academy
Spooner, Stephen Eastwood Christian School
Sumrall, Conner East Memorial Christian Academy
Cox, Logan Eastwood Christian School
Johnson, Porter Eastwood Christian School
Strickland, Owen Eastwood Christian School
Higginbotham, Nate Eastwood Christian School
Coleman, Demetrius Bessemer Academy
Wharton, Eli Bessemer Academy
Thomas, Phillip Eastwood Christian School
Harvey, Monte East Memorial Christian Academy
DeHuff, Knox Eastwood Christian School
Williams, Troy East Memorial Christian Academy
Lee, Seonwoo Eastwood Christian School
Chapman, Justin East Memorial Christian Academy
Givens, Joseph Eastwood Christian School
Johnson, Paul Eastwood Christian School
Dozier, Cole Eastwood Christian School
Wharton, Isaac Bessemer Academy
Channell, Jonah Dalton Eastwood Christian School
Licina, James East Memorial Christian Academy
Harrison, Dawson Bessemer Academy
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Elementary Boys/Girls Girls One Mile Run 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Brunson, Allison Eastwood Christian School
Phillips, Emma Grace Bessemer Academy
Spooner, Laurie Eastwood Christian School
Hankins, Kate Eastwood Christian School
Atkins, Sadie Eastwood Christian School
Howard, Maddie Bessemer Academy
Givens, Lily Eastwood Christian School
Thomas, Harper Eastwood Christian School
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JV Boys 31 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Kuhn, Nicholas Heritage Christian Academy
Champion, Jake Tuscaloosa Academy
Meadows, Steadman Eastwood Christian School
Taylor, Jakob Southern Preparatory Academy
DeHuff, Johnson Eastwood Christian School
Groce, Andrew Heritage Christian Academy
Nixon, Kean Southern Preparatory Academy
Pham, Travis Lee-Scott Academy
Wolfe, Kendarius Heritage Christian Academy
Hunnicutt, Conner East Memorial Christian Academy
Dekle, Will Eastwood Christian School
Gibson, Owen Lee-Scott Academy
Sanford, Greyson Heritage Christian Academy
Sumrall, Eric East Memorial Christian Academy
Lemaster, Reese Eastwood Christian School
Hart, Michael Heritage Christian Academy
Middleton, Cole Trinity Christian School
Hamilton, Tyler Eastwood Christian School
Wegner, Ashtin Southern Preparatory Academy
Duffy, John William Tuscaloosa Academy
Champion, Buzz Eastwood Christian School
Ballard, Logan Southern Preparatory Academy
Houlditch, Brewer Eastwood Christian School
Caldwell, Keiston Heritage Christian Academy
McFadden, Brooks Lee-Scott Academy
Rigdon, Nathan Heritage Christian Academy
Zorn, Elijah Ezekiel Academy
Longmire, Charlie East Memorial Christian Academy
Givens, William Eastwood Christian School
Tausch, Madison Lee-Scott Academy
Pearman, Josh Heritage Christian Academy
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JV Girls 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Newton, Emma Ezekiel Academy
Givens, Lily Eastwood Christian School
Cantey, Nettie Eastwood Christian School
Gaines, Kendall Heritage Christian Academy
Bradley, Bella Bessemer Academy
Hudson, Naomi Ezekiel Academy
Hutchinson, Ruthie Ezekiel Academy
Mauney, Molly Eastwood Christian School
Nelson, Kendall Heritage Christian Academy
Hillard, Jana Lee-Scott Academy
Castle, Hannah Bessemer Academy
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Varsity Boys 59 entries

Athlete Seed Team
McAllister, John Tuscaloosa Academy
Schaupp, Charles Eastwood Christian School
Weed, Harris Heritage Christian Academy
Roberto, Samuel Southern Preparatory Academy
Self, Alex Lee-Scott Academy
Beeker, William Tuscaloosa Academy
Kennemer, Aidan Heritage Christian Academy
Diallo, Ahmad Southern Preparatory Academy
Venneble, Kaleb Bessemer Academy
Roarke, Seth Lee-Scott Academy
Smith, Trey Tuscaloosa Academy
Groce, Matthew Heritage Christian Academy
Luken, Baily Southern Preparatory Academy
Terry, Jack Lee-Scott Academy
Patterson, Brian Bessemer Academy
Clouse, JD Northside Methodist Academy
Rodriguez, Juan Eastwood Christian School
Marlin, Hagan Lee-Scott Academy
Malugen, Jack Northside Methodist Academy
Hamilton, Preston Eastwood Christian School
Zorn, Isaac Ezekiel Academy
Tampa, Daniel Southern Preparatory Academy
Carmichael, Milledge Eastwood Christian School
Coleman, Kolby Ezekiel Academy
McNew, Evan Eastwood Christian School
Tandy, Dmitry Southern Preparatory Academy
Mercurio, Anderson Tuscaloosa Academy
Newsome, Claude Eastwood Christian School
Barnett, Mabry Heritage Christian Academy
Lamer, Noah Southern Preparatory Academy
Hudson, Mark Tuscaloosa Academy
Button, Asa Eastwood Christian School
McRae, Ben Heritage Christian Academy
Hathaway, Ronald Southern Preparatory Academy
Bateh, CJ Bessemer Academy
Carvallho De Melo, Junior Lee-Scott Academy
Marshall, Lane Tuscaloosa Academy
Stoutermire, Ty Heritage Christian Academy
Linkenauger, Preston Southern Preparatory Academy
Andrews, Dylan Bessemer Academy
Lane, Sumner Lee-Scott Academy
Blount, Jackson Northside Methodist Academy
Thompson, Haven Tuscaloosa Academy
Bailey, Logan Heritage Christian Academy
Bennett, Eli Eastwood Christian School
Carson, Jeremy Lee-Scott Academy
Barnes, Mitchell Bessemer Academy
Malugen, Charlie Northside Methodist Academy
Grete, Andrew Eastwood Christian School
Trenary, Tristan Northside Methodist Academy
Christensen, Dionisiy Eastwood Christian School
Horne, Collin Ezekiel Academy
Higginbotham, Gantt Eastwood Christian School
Norrell, Heath Southern Preparatory Academy
Hudson, Noah Ezekiel Academy
Beck, Finley Tuscaloosa Academy
Dozier, Gus Eastwood Christian School
McKinney, Kaden Heritage Christian Academy
Nisbett, Thomas Southern Preparatory Academy
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Varsity Girls 29 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Taylor, Bella Trinity Christian School
Hull, Kendall Lee-Scott Academy
Odom, Emily Northside Methodist Academy
Sellers, Tristen Bessemer Academy
Whitehead, Kara Northside Methodist Academy
Mauney, Mary Eastwood Christian School
Simpson, Ashlyn Northside Methodist Academy
Powe, Josie Eastwood Christian School
Cochran, Taylor Lee-Scott Academy
Chastonay, Audrey Lee-Scott Academy
Abernathy, Lily Tuscaloosa Academy
Washburn, Marcia Trinity Christian School
Williamson, Libby Lee-Scott Academy
Tran, Amy Tuscaloosa Academy
Vandiver, Hannah Heritage Christian Academy
Wright, Emily Trinity Christian School
Huguley, Payton Lee-Scott Academy
Sullivan, Bella Northside Methodist Academy
Sprayberry, Ellie Lee-Scott Academy
Clouse, Tayler Northside Methodist Academy
Trenary, Chelsey Northside Methodist Academy
Duggar, Abby Eastwood Christian School
Singleton, Ann Lee-Scott Academy
Roberts, Kassidy Ezekiel Academy
Sanders, Natalie Tuscaloosa Academy
Lamb, Mary Kathryn Lee-Scott Academy
Huffaker, Bebe Tuscaloosa Academy
Nelson, Karley Trinity Christian School
Hairston, Hayden Lee-Scott Academy
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