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*Change: Entries close at 12:00(noon) on Tuesday, April 23

AHSAA 1A-Section 2, 2A-Section 2, & 6A-Section 2

Track & Field Championships

April 26-27, 2019

Hosted by Northridge & Paul W. Bryant High Schools at

Paul W. Bryant High School

Updated 3.27.19

1A Schools: A.L. Johnson, Autaugaville, Billingsley, Cornerstone, Ellwood Christian, Frances

Marion, Heritage Christian, Holy Spirit, Isabella, J.F. Shields, Keith, Linden,

Maplesville, Marengo, McIntosh, Millry, and Sweetwater.

2A Schools: Addison, Aliceville, Altamont,

R.C. Hatch, Sheffield, Sulligent,
Tarrant, Tharptown,

Vincent, and Westminster School at Oak Mountain.

6A Schools: Bessemer City, Carver-Montgomery,

Calera, Chelsea, Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa, Hueytown, McAdory, Minor, Northridge,

Park Crossing, Paul Bryant, Selma, Sidney Lanier, Stanhope Elmore, and


Meet Administration: Games Committee: Coach Jeff Sparks, Northridge H.S. Cell:

(205)792-1804, jsparks@tusc.k12.al.us and Coach Deon Irby, Paul W. Bryant H.S. Cell: (205)454-5272, dirby@tusc.k12.al.us.Co-Meet Director: Deon Irby, &Jeff Sparks Meet Referees: (At This Time) - Deon Irby, RunningEvents - & Jeff Sparks, Field Events

Meet Times: The meet will begin at 10:00 a.m. each morning and will end at approximately 5:00 each day.The gates will open for entry by teams and spectators at 8:30 a.m.There will be a coaches meeting at 9:15 a.m. each day.

Entry Procedure: All entries will be done through al.milesplit.com. All entry marks must have been achieved during the 2019 season and be submitted to al.milesplit.com. Entered athletes not having marksin al.milesplit.com will be given a NT and seeded accordingly. There is a maximum ofthree athletes per event and one relay team per school. Each athletemay compete in a maximum of four events. NOFORM 52 IS REQUIRED.


Entry Fee: $100 per boys team and $100 per girls team (Boys Team + Girls Team = $200.00). For a team of 4 orless, $20 per athlete.Make checks payable to: NorthridgeHigh School Track & Field.

* Bring the registration fee to the meet.

Familiarity of Events: For thesafety of your athletes, please do not enter them in events for which they arenot familiar or have not trained for, particularly in the Pole Vault and HighJump. If it is apparent to meet officials that an athlete doesn't have thetraining or experience to safely compete in the events for which they areentered, the athlete's participation in that event will be disallowed.

Verification of Pole Vault Weights and Implement Check in: All pole vaulters will be required to have Pole Vault Verification Forms signed by their coach before competition begins. These Forms areavailable online at:http://dnn.ahsaa.com/Portals/0/pdf/forms/FORM%20-%20Pole%20Vaulter%20Verification%20(4A-5A-6A%20meet).pdfCoaches should print the forms and bring them to the meet(s) completed and hsigned. Vaulters will only be allowed to use a pole that has a rating that isgreater than their weight. You must bring your own pole as poles will not be provided.Implements for throwing events will be weighed and measured beginning at 8:00 am each day. After measurement, theywill become property of the field. We will hold all implements and bring themout to the competition site.

Field Events: Each jumper/thrower will have 3 attempts with the top 9 advancing from the trials to the finals.*Note:For the Sectional track meet, the pole vault and high jump will start one increment under the qualifying heightsfor the State Track Meet. Refer to the Qualifying Standards found on page 234 of the online AHSAA Sports book.

Officials: We have a experiencedofficials to lead each field event. Each team will be assigned one field eventslot to assist with. If you are a certified official or know of a goodcertified official that wants to work either one or both days, please send an email jsparks@tusc.k12.al.us.All AHSAA officials can be paid.

Awards: Awards to the top three finishers in each event and team awards to the champion and runner-up.

Heats and Finals: 100m, 200m, and 100/110HH and 4x100 will have Prelims on Friday and Finals onSaturday. If there are 8 or less entries on Friday for any of these eventsthere will be no Prelim and the race on Saturdaywill serve as a Final. This usuallyaffects the smaller school section. We will know on Thursday morning and youwill be notified by email. A relay team or individual MUST participate in theevent Final to qualify for the State Championship.

Team Scoring: Scoring eight places: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

Coaches Admission: An AHSAAcoaches card will be required for admission for all coaches. Those without

cards will have to pay for admission.

Concessions: We will have aconcession stand in operation both days of the meet. Teams are allowed to bringin food and drinks for their athletes and coaches.

Protest Fee: A $25.00 cash Protest fee will be required for any objections to the meet referee's decision.This includes all rereads on finish photos. We will compile a Jury of Appeals for the meet. Coach Irby & Sparkswill choose 3 coaches from those schools competing to be jury members.Those chosen will rule as follows: 1A for 2A, 2A for 6A, and 6A for 1A issues.

Qualifying: The top FIVEfinishers in each event meeting the state qualifying mark will qualify for thestate meet the following weekend at Cullman/Gulf Shores. Additionally, fourwildcards in each event will be selected from all four section meets. These wildcardsmust also meet the state qualifying mark. Allties for the final qualifying spot will be broken at the meet.

Tents: Any teams wishing to erect tents must do so in the top rows of the stadiumor outside the competition areas.

AHSAA 1A-Section 2, 2A-Section 2, & 6A-Section 2

Track & Field Championships

April 26-27, 2019

2019 Sectional Meet Schedule (Rolling Schedule):

Friday 10:00 a.m.(Order 1A, 2A, 6A)

Running Events:

4x100 Prelims

1600 Finals on Time

400 Finals on Time

100HH Prelims

110HH Prelims

100 Prelims

4x800 Finals on Time(Classifications may be


200 Prelims

Field Events: 11:00am 1:00pm 3:00pm

Long Jump 2A Boys. 1AGirls. 6AGirls

Triple Jump 2A Girls 1A Boys. 6A Boys

High Jump 6A Boys. 6AGirls. 1A Girls

Pole Vault. 1A Boys. 6A Boys. 2ABoys

Shot Put 2A Boys 1A Girls 6A Girls

Discus 1A Boys. 2AGirls 6A Boys

Javelin 6A Girls. 2A Boys. 2AGirls

Saturday10:00a.m.(Order 1A, 2A, 6A)

Running Events:

3200 Finals on Time (Classifications may be combined)

4x100 Finals

100HH Finals

110HH Finals

100 Finals

300H Finals on Time

200 Finals

800 Finals on Time

4x400 Finals on Time


* Field Events: 11:00 a.m.

11:00am 1:00pm 3:00pm

Long Jump 2A Girls. 1ABoys. 6ABoys

Triple Jump 2A Boys 6A Girls 1A Girls

High Jump. 1A Boys 2A Girls 2A Boys

Pole Vault. 6AGirls. 1AGirls. 2A Girls

Shot Put 1A Boys 6A Boys 2A Girls

Discus 1A Girls 2A Boys 6A Girls

Javelin 6A Boys 1A Girls 1A Boys