Let's Move BCS Invitational #2

Birmingham, AL

Meet Information



This meet is for Birmingham City Elementary Schools Only!

If you have question regarding the meets please contact Herbert Clark at G. W. Carver high school: hclark2@bhm.k12.al.us or 205-266-7324.

The admission cost will be: $3.00 Adults; $1.00 Students; 5 yrs. & under are free.

We will need extra volunteers to assist with our meets. Please encourage teachers and parents to help your school during the meets. If there is inclement weather will do our best to reschedule the meets.

The meets will begin at 4:30 p.m.. Please see the following events & rules listed for our track meets:

May 8, 2017 (Wenonah High School)

4 x 100


4 x 400

Shot Put (softball)

Long Jump

Lets Move Outdoor Track Rules Grades 4th, 5th, 6th ONLY

1. A participant must compete in his/her age grade level and sex division.

2. Participants wear shoes designated shoes appropriate for running. In field events, any shoes designed for athletic/sports are allowed. No velcro lace or slide shoes. Only safe, appropriate, supportive running/track shoes are allowed.

3. Participants may not compete in their bare feet, slippers or socks.

5. Participants may not wear jewelry, hair beads and decoration, or sunglasses (unless prescription).

6. Starting blocks are not permitted.

7. A participant may compete in only three events this may be two running events (includes relays for age group) and a field event or two field events and a running event.

8. A participant who displays unsportsmanlike conduct will be disqualified from meet in progress and shall not advance to the next level of competition.

9. Times will be recorded to the nearest 100th of a second and distances will be measured in feet and inches to the nearest one quarter inch.

10. In the case of ties for first place, there must be a run off for the running event. In the field events the contestant with the best second throw or jump will be declared the winner.

11. Each field competitor is allowed one false start and after one false start is disqualified.

12. In the relay, the acceleration zone will not be used and aids may not be used.

13. A competitor should be excused from a field event so that he/she may participate in a running event. The individual shall return to the field event immediately following the completion of that running event.

14. Lane and position can be drawn by chance or seeded.

15. Most outdoor meets will be held rain or shine.

16. Events will be determined by the number of participants.