Dauphin Street Vault

Mobile, AL


Devin King over 18 feet in Mobile street vault! Jul 19, 2014

Devin King, the US high school national record holder indoors in the pole vault, achieved a height on Saturday night that he had been searching ever since the indoor season when he started clearing heights well over 17 feet. 

Who is Ready for a Street Vault? Time for DSV! Jul 18, 2014

For those of you that are not familiar with a "Street vault" imagine a group of people shutting down a street or sidewalk, throwing up a makeshift runway leading to a set of mats and standards.  Now the same people run and vault.  There you have it......a street vault.  The best one in the southeast?  The Dauphin Street Vault.  If you are free on Saturday, this is the place to be!

Rain Delay Doesn't Deter Dauphin Street Vault Turnout Jul 20, 2014

Vaulters are a rare breed.  I have never known one to not make the best of a bad situation.  A two hour rain delay didnt keep the athletes or the crowds away as some of the best vaulters in the nation competed at the 4th Annual Dauphin Street Vault.