Tim Loreman

Girls Combined 400 & 800 Rankings From 2019 Tim Loreman May 25, 2020

The 800m is an interesting event....loved by those that specialize in it but despised by sprinters who get moved up from the 400m and distance runners moved down from the 1600m. Here we look at athletes who, when combining their 400m and 800m, have the best combined times.

Bracket Madness: BOYS FINAL - Hoover vs Auburn Tim Loreman May 14, 2020

After weeks of bracket competition, the big wait is finally over after the top two boys teams are going head to head.  The Hoover Buccaneers and Auburn Tigers have advanced round after round and are now on a collision course with greatness!  I just laughed as I typed that.

Bracket Madness: GIRLS FINAL - Homewood vs Auburn Tim Loreman May 13, 2020

The Girls FINAL Matchup is here.  The two powerhouses are finally going head to head.  Homewood has been a 6A powerhouse the last few years with a strong distance and field group.  Auburn is well rounded but grabbing big points off their distance unit.  Let's see how it plays out.