On the Fast Track: Caitland Smith


Caitland Smith

Pelham High School

Class of 2014

Personal Bests

  • 100 Meter Dash12.03

  • 150 Meter Dash18.41

  • 200 Meter Dash24.65

  • 300 Meter Dash41.60

  • 400 Meter Dash57.26

  • 60 Meter Dash7.49

  • Long Jump17-9.75

  • Triple Jump36-0

Caitland Smith currently leads Alabama across all divisions in the Indoor 60m and 400m dash.  The Pelham Junior is the focus of this weeks "On the Fast Track."

Favorite Class:
Anatomy, because there is always something new to learn no matter how much you study. It fascinates me so much, because scientists are always trying to figure out new things about the human body and how it works, and it will help prepare me for my career in internal medicine.
I love to read! If I find a great book, I could sit all day until it's finished. So many people hate to read, but I've never understood that. I read in the car, at the restaurant, and before class. Whenever I can find time, I try to do it.
Have you changed anything training wise between this year and last year?
I eat right and train more! Eating right makes you feel like Wonder Woman. You get more out of your training. I feel like diet was a big missing piece of the puzzle last year, but I never want it to be an issue now. Eating healthy is so much harder to do than eating whatever you want. It's a daily struggle, but I try to be aware of what I eat and how it will affect my body. 
Goals for this season?
I have so many goals for this season. There's certain times in each of my events that I want to hit. Some of them have already been surpassed and I'm so grateful for it. Although, my main goal is to have fun this season. There's so much I could stress about, but it would get in the way of my performance. My friends and I love to have a great time whether it's at a meet or school, and that's what I want to focus on this year.
What goes through your mind before the gun goes off?
My first thought is to review all the stages of the race such as driving and staying low out the blocks. Visualization is key. Second, I think about being aggressive. I have so much power, and the only way I can use it is if I'm being aggressive.
Do you have any superstitions when it comes to competing?
I constantly worry about whether I've warmed up enough. I feel like there's always one more drill or stretch that could be beneficial to my race. If I'm not dripping with sweat and dying to take off my warm-up clothes, then I'm not ready.
Competition Spikes:
White Nike Zoom Rival S 6's that I've had since the beginning of last year's indoor season. I probably need new ones, but I've been through so much with those shoes that I'm scared to give them up. They've been with me to the most important meets of my life. To part with them would feel like betrayal. I would wear those shoes all the way to the Olympics and never once want another pair.
Favorite Television Show:
The Real Housewives! I don't have a favorite city. I love them all, because they're different. A lot of people don't like the shows, but I don't take them seriously. I think of them as another way to de-stress after a long day.
What are 3 things in your track bag you can’t live without?
My mother and I am hooked on “The Stick”. We love it, because it's something easy to carry that massages your muscles and helps with the lactic acid. Second, I always keep gloves and a cap for practice. The weather is so unpredictable and I never want to be caught unprepared in the cold. Third, I always have ponytail holders and bobby pins. It's something you never think about, but they're important. 
What song do you always listen to before a race?
"Girl On Fire" by Alicia Keys. It makes me think about everything that's happened in the past year and how fortunate I am to accomplish so many things in a short time. Track isn't an easy sport and there are days when it doesn't seem worth it. You use every single inch of your body and it's tiring, but there's nothing else I would rather do. That song reminds of why I run.