3A Boys Scouting Report: Cottage Hill Christian Academy

AlabamaRunners:  Your team won 1A/2A last year and are ranked pre-season #1 for 3A.  Has this had any effect on the team?  What are their attitudes like coming in to the season?

Coach Swagart:  As far as being pre-season #1 for 3A, this has not been a concern for our team.  Our boys are aware they are a strong team and continue to put in the work required to stay at a high level.  After finishing State Runner-Up in '10 and as State Champs in '11 (class 1A/2A), our program is continuing to grow in size and develop more mature runners.  This is by far the greatest impact it has made.  Our athletes are focused on becoming the best runner they can be.  We coach an emphasis on doing their best, giving their best effort, encouraging one another in word and action, and to do what they do with excellence.  We look forward to the challenge of competing this season in 3A.
AlabamaRunners:  How does the team look?
Coach Swagart:  Our team looks quite different this year compared to last year.  We graduated seven boys from our team and will only return four of our top ten.  Despite this, we are fortunate to have had some depth last year and get some valuable experience for our young athletes.  Our boys have been conditioning and look forward to doing their best this season with strong goals and big hopes.
AlabamaRunners:  Any new additions or surprises?
Coach Swagart:  Despite losing eight athletes, we have gained nine runners who are eager to improve.  We will be a young and inexperienced team, but we will depend on our captains and upper classman for leadership.  Several of our young runners will be able to step and help provide get strength for our team.
AlabamaRunners:  What are your goals or key meets?
Coach Swagart:  As most teams do, we have individual as well as team goals for the season.  We place an emphasis on what we can control so that we can do our best.  Of course we hope for another State title and to do well our Mobile County Championships, but we will focus on how to race as a team, how to race each course, and our boys will work hard in the process.  We wish to be proud of our efforts and know that we gave our best, learning much in the process.
Cottage Hill Christian Academy  
  1) Justen Kinder   16:53.00  
  2) Dylan Schmitz   17:18.00  
  3) Lucas Bishop   17:47.00  
  4) Jonathan Dismukes   17:58.54  
  5) Garrett Wages   18:42.36  
  Average Time: 17:43.78 -- Total Time: 1:28:38.90 -- 1-5 Split: 1:49.36
  6) Tanner Wooten   25:57.21  


Cottage Hill Christian Academy