Jordan Urrutia: Male Athlete of the Week

Jordan Urrutia, from Bob Jones, dominated this past weekend at the Vestavia Hills King of the Mountain Invitational. In the 100m, he ran 10.88. In the 200m, he ran 22.21 and in the 400m, he set a personal best and new Bob Jones school record in 48.84. The junior will compete again on March 25 at Northridge running the same events.

Take me through the big weekend. School record in the 400m and 3 big wins in the 100m, 200m, and 400m. How special was this weekend? 

Oh yes, this past weekend was very special, especially as I had the ability to build upon last week and stay consistent. 

Which of your three wins feels the best to you? 

Definitely the 400m. 

What got you into track? 

I got into track after we moved here. My stepdad already coached and influenced me to come out and try it. 

Do you do any other sports? 

Yes, I play football. 

What position? 


Track or football? 


What's a long term goal you have on the track? 

As far as in High School would be to win state in the 100m, 200m and 400m, but beyond that would be to go to college to run and also go to the Olympics and get an endorsement deal. 

What's your dream endorsement deal? 


Who is someone in Alabama that brings out the best competition in you?

There's a few people, I'd say one would be my teammate, Jordan Morrison. Another would be Lawrence Taylor from Huntsville High and of course the people I compete against at State. 

Who is your celebrity crush? 

Sydney Mclaughlin. 

What is your pre race routine? 

So I usually wake up and get dressed and ready (I wear the same Louisville shirt under my sweatshirt as it is good luck for every meet) and after that I fix some oatmeal (I put some brown sugar and peanut butter in it) and then we head off. 

What's your favorite cheat meal? Maybe post big PR? Better yet, how did you celebrate Saturday? 

I'll go to Chick-fil-a and get the chicken sandwich meal, add cheese and bacon but then I get a cookie and cream milkshake and a cookie. But I also love Reese's so I'll eat a lot of them and drink a ton of sweet tea because it's the best drink ever. 

What's the best seasonal Reese's? Easter Eggs? 

Oh yes, definitely. 

Who is in your dream Outdoor 400m with you? 

I know I'm not on that level yet but definitely prime Wayde van Niekerk. Fred Kerley, Michael Johnson, & I know he didn't run it but Usain Bolt. 

What's your favorite track memory to date? 

I'd say last year Outdoor State when the meet got pushed back one day so the 200m was at night. There's something about PR'ing at State at the beach in the dark. 

What do you like to do besides sports? 

Really just hang out with my friends and sleep. 

If I gave you an elephant and you can't get rid of it, what are you doing with it?

Uhh I'd train it and ride it to school.