What will Cross Country Look Like in the Fall?

Boys compete at the Scottsboro Last Chance Invitational.  Photo by Chris Wells

Most teams started back practice on Monday for the upcoming Cross Country season.  With Covid-19 numbers again on the rise in Alabama, many are left with lingering questions about what the 2020 Cross Country season will look like.  

One possible indicator came out Tuesday from the AHSAA in the form of an email sent to Cross Country coaches.  

The AHSAA will not be approving any sanctioning requests for out of state competition or large in state events for the 2020-21 school year until we receive more direction regarding school openings from the ALSDE. Until further notice, we will mark all sanctioning requests as "pending". We should have another update no later than Monday, July 13th.

That date, July 13th, corresponds with the week of the virtual sports week held by the AHSAA.  Included in that meeting is an expected medical update and an address by Alabama State Superintendent, Dr. Mackey.  

Are the days of Jesse Owens Classic and Chickasaw Trails gone as we know them for this year?  Will Mobile teams no longer head to Florida and Mississippi?  Will Eastern border teams such as Auburn, Beauregard, and Smiths Station not venture in to Georgia?  And a bigger question is still in the back of my mind....what about Indoor Track?

You can see a screenshot of the full email from the AHSAA below.