Lose your top runner? No problem for these teams!

Knock on wood!

Nobody ever wants it to happen, but it is a part of sports....Injury. At this time of year, every thing is important including health.

The dynamic of losing a member of your top seven can really affect your post season and aspirations for doing your best when it counts the most.

But, what's worse, is losing your #1 runner! What do you do then? That's the beauty of cross country, you can still count on your number two through seven runners. This is where the importance of each runner comes into play and the preparation of the entire season. 

There are also teams that don't have deep district meets and and even have the luxury of resting runners through the qualifying rounds, including their top runner.

We have engineered that scenario, for everyone! Here are what the team rankings look like if every team ran without their #1 for parts of the post season.

GIRLS:  1A/2A  |  3A  |  4A  |  5A  |  6A  |  7A

BOYS:  1A/2A  |  3A  |  4A  |  5A  |  6A  |  7A