Announcing the 2016 Battle of the Buses! Track Edition

Homewood HS submission from the 2015 Track Meet.

It's that know what I mean. The 2016 Battle of the Buses gets underway tomorrow as teams begin their trips to Gulf Shores. Now, I know lots of teams will still be heading down Thursday morning so you guys are included as well.

Cullman teams, YOU PLAY ALONG TOO! You guys will be getting there Thursday and Friday so I expect those tweets to be lighting my phone up.

Don't let me down! This is my favorite article of the year! I laugh all day long as the pictures roll in.


Really simple.

Tweet @alabamarunners a selfie or team picture from your bus and use #2015battleofthebuses and #stateingulfshores or #stateincullman. Be sure to include your team.

In case you want to see what I'm talking about, here are the last few times we've played:

2015 State Track

2014 State Track

2014 State XC

2013 State Track