Margaret Ollinger: NBON Blog - Thursday



image.jpegThis morning I had to get up at 4am to catch an early flight out of Pensacola to Atlanta. We had a two hour lay over in Atlanta and we played cards and then we flew to Charlotte and drove from there to the Greensboro Marriott where we were staying. I really like flying and just traveling in general so the trip up was really fun! Once we got to our hotel and checkin in and then we went straight to the stadium to pick up our athlete packets and our backpacks which we were really excited for. The championship and the emerging elite backpacks were super cool.

image.jpegThen I got to have a short practice at the stadium which was great because I got to get my steps and feel how fast the runway was before I actually competed. We just walked to a little pizzeria in downtown Greensboro and the good was great!