Scouting Report: Montgomery Catholic Girls

You return a top 5 with a team average of 21:32 this year.  How does the team look after summer practices so far?
The team looks very good.  We are returning the bulk of our core from last year.  We had our best finish in the history of the program at State and we only had one senior on the squad.  The girls have been training regularly and have added core strengthening in a serious programmatic way to their preparation. Hopefully we can drop the team average further this year, because 4A sure looks very competitive.
Any new additions to the team or surprises we can expect?
We might have a couple of new runners based on transfers, we seem to get at least one most years since we have a significant military population in Montgomery.  Plus, a lot of our team were brand new seventh graders last year and they have been training much more regularly this summer.
What is your schedule this season and are you changing anything up?
Our schedule has a few changes.  We usually do at lest one overnight meet besides State and last year it was the Gulf Coast Stampede. So we skipped Jesse Owens.  This year, we will go back to Jesse Owens and there is a new meet in Montgomery at AUM that we are looking forward to since we train on their trails a lot. We did not go to Veterans Park either last year and will probably hit the Spain Park Meet this year.  Otherwise, it is a lot of our usual favorites.  We are returning to Montevallo, as we have every year since it started and are really stoked about running under the lights in an evening meet.
What goals has your team established for this season?
We usually talk about this individually and as a team over the next few weeks, but our standing goal each year is to qualify as a team for State.  To get there, we would like to win the Sectional Title, but ours is probably the strongest in 4A.  So, if we can be in the top two there, it might allow us to take home some hardware at State.  Our boys team has a nice collection of State awards from a few years back, I think the girls would really like to finally get a trophy in November!
Catholic - Montgomery (AL)  
  1) Katelyn Stark   20:45.32  
  2) Annabel Starrett   21:18.22  
  3) Emily Theurer   21:34.80  
  4) Chloe Smith   22:00.89  
  5) Grace Leslie   22:04.77  
  Average Time: 21:32.80 Total Time: 1:47:44.00 1-5 Split: 1:19.45
  6) Sarah Beth Littrell   22:08.34  
  7) Mackenzie Colvin   24:05.14