AHSAA State Indoor 1A-7A Championship 2017

  • Coach
    In the AHSAA Handbook section on "Indoor Track" (starts at page 130) I can find no mention of a requirement for the "Polevault Verification Forms" for the State Indoor Meet.
    Does this mean the officials will NOT be requiring these?
  • Coach
    JSparks Edited
    (LOL)I believe they meant Rule 7-5-3 and under Notes: 2. Each state association shall determine its own procedure regarding coaches' verification. Meaning, that you will have to most likely have to fill out a form. (This is from the NFHS Track & Field Rules Book)
  • G Griner
    This has traditionally been a thorn in the side of the Pole Vault officials for the first session of vaulters.
    They want to start the vault promptly at it's scheduled time of 9am which means getting the 7A girls checked in and starting their warm-ups by 8am ... except that for the last 2 years that verification form has not been handed out to the coaches until the coaches meeting, which happens sometime 8am or after.
    So the form doesn't get filled out and down to the officials until after the meeting which can hold up the check-in/warm-up process.

    I recommend 3 possible solutions -
    (1) Let us print and fill out the verification the form listed below and change(or just mark out) the bit that says "1A-3A"

    (2) Actually PROVIDE the Pole vault officials with the blank forms so that Coaches can fill them out as they check in.

    (3) Allow the athletes to check in and warm-up as they have for every other meet this season but state that they cannot start in the event until the form has been filled out and handed to the officials.

    Does any of that sound reasonable?
  • Bryan Lorge
    The form will be required again this year. There are 2 versions (1 from the 1A-3A State meet and 1 for the 4A-7A State meet this past May.) Either one will do. They are available on the c2c website.

    As in the past 2 years at the Indoor Meet, the Officials will have blank copies. They will be available at check-in which starts at 7:30.

    See everyone on Friday.