Salute to Seniors: Callie Jones - Spanish Fort High School

Name: Callie Jones

School: Spanish Fort High School

Most memorable meet. Why? -I have a lot of memorable meets, but 2016 state heptathlon would have to be my favorite. I threw 150'11"

Where did I face my biggest competition? -Mobile Challenge of Champions.

Which high school accomplishment stands out to me the most. Why? I have had a lot of accomplishments throughout my high school career. They all have been great accomplishments, but I would have to say throwing the javelin 150'11"

What would I do differently about my running career in high school? -I would have just pushed myself to work harder.

Advice for younger athletes: -push yourselves. You will never know what you will/can accomplish if you don't give your all.

Post high school or college plans: -I plan to attend the University of Southern Mississippi to continue my track and field career.

Who would I like to say thank you to? -I would like to say thank you to all the coaches I have had during my high school career. They each taught be different things and have always believed in me and made me a better athlete. And I would like to also thank my family and friends for all the love and support.